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Health advice for those of us who enjoy tipping back a few brews...
or sometimes a few too many!

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The Beer Diet book

In the blockbuster new book,
 The Beer Diet:
How to Drink Beer and Not Gain Weight
 natural health journalist Gary Greenberg, aka The Beer Diet Guy, shares his secrets on how to enjoy the world's most popular beverage without piling on pounds.

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Want to see a puppy chew up beer cans, watch The Beer Diet Guy's wife chug beer straight from a keg, or learn how to open beer bottles with a lighter? Tune into these quirky videos for that and much more. Fun and laughs for all.

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Gary's Natural Health Blog

To fully enjoy drinking beer for as long as you can, you have to take good care of your body.
And that's best done the natural way.
This week's topic is adaptogens -- herbs that can help bust stress and boost performance.

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     To be healthy, you have to think healthily. Numerous studies show that people who tend to think positively live longer and healthier lives than those who tend to think negatively. So lighten up. Try t adopt the attitude that this is my only body, and I’m going to treat it with love and take good care of it to the best of my ability. When stressed out, take a dee breath and consider that 90 percent of the things we worry about don’t come to pass. Of the remainder, 9 percent won’t be as bad as anticipated, and the 1 percent that are may make you stronger in the long run. In other words: Don’t worry. Be happy!

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Magazine articles, website, podcasts...word of the The Beer Diet is spreading fast!

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A portion of proceeds from book sales will benefit the nonprofit food bank
Boca Helping Hands, because a lot of people are more concerned
with putting food on the table than beer in their bellies.

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