The Beer Diet

Health advice for those of us who enjoy tipping back a few brews...
or sometimes a few too many!

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The Beer Diet Newsroom

Magazine articles, website, podcasts...word of the The Beer Diet is spreading fast!

InTouch Rugby

Gary and The Beer Diet are featured in one of
the world's preeminent rugby publications

Voyage MIA

In a revealing interview, Gary talks about luck, obstacles,
missed opportunities,
his many careers and beer, of course.

Diversified Game Podcast

South Florida personality Kellen Coleman interviews Gary
 on his popular podcast Diversified Game. The conversion covers health,
travel, writing, charity, love, marriage...and beer, of course!

The Forbes List

The Beer Diet made the world-renowned Forbes List!
In Food & Drink critic Tara Nurin's 2020 roundup of "boozy new books,"
she prasies Gary's "endearing non-judgmental storytelling manner."

The First Lady of Nutrition podcast

Gary talks about two of his favorite subjects, health and beer,
with natural health pioneer Ann Lousie Gittleman,

 one of the world's foremost experts in functional and integrative health.

Midwest Book Review

Reviewer Carl Logan calls The Beer Diet:
"Original, unique, exceptionally informative, impressively entertaining,
amazingly effective, and thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation."
Obviously, a man with great literary tastes!

Taste California Travel

In the article, A Beer Diet...Who're You Kidding,
veteran rugby player and magazine editor Dan Clarke muses:
"How is it that Gary Greenberg still can wear pants with a 32 waistline?
Well, it’s more complicated than gimmicky simple.
You’ll have to read the book to make your own deductions,
but it’s clear that he hasn’t accomplished this by a dour, abstemious lifestyle."

Medium's Authority Magazine

In a wide-ranging interview, Gary offers insights about diet,
exercise and how sipping beer by a turtle pen can make you happy.

Northwest Beer Guide

A leading craft beer advocate reports on rugby star
Will Greaves winning a rare proof copy of The Beer Diet.

Miami New Times

Miami's leading alternative newspaper features Gary and The Beer Diet

Boca First podcast

Gary chats about beer and life with Boca Raton-based multimedia journalist Nile Fortner.

Madden's Mischief

Former NBC VP and public relations legend Tom Madden
talks about Gary's annual beer fast on his  popular blog, Madden's Mischief.